The doors were never locked Always open

The children never scared

Always feeling safe and never out of place

That was all taken away one fateful day

Two men with guns came knocking down

What had been built of hope and knowlage.

They stood upon bodies and blood

The walls now stained red

Children now betten, sad and some even dead

So why does the government not care?

Why do we suffer?

It's their choice to let us die.

We don't decide who lives and who dies.

Guns kill and people do too

Don't you see what happened to me

And what happened to you

Orlando had 49

Columbine had 13

Will the rules ever change?

Or will I die from two vengeful guys?

Who truly want people to die.

Guns don't kill people do

But is that really true.


This poem is about: 
My country


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