No one else can see them, the different hues and vibrant shades.
My minds own ROY G BIV.
When I close my eyes I see them all the time;
Deep, candied red of the French roses;
Soft, afterglow orange of the fairie lights;
Unforgiving, scrutiny of blazing yellow orbs;
Resounding, lulling fields of green.
And when I'm sad, the hues always catch drift.
Always adding and subtracting different colours;
Fathomless, inky thundering sea of blue;
Somber, monotonous tendril-like indigo smoke;
Vivid, spirited slashes of violet, like bolts of lightning.
These are the colours of my dreams.
I cannot change them, even if I wanted to.
So please, when I tell you that I am afraid of colour blind people,
understand that colour makes up my entire life.

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