Colors of You

Beautiful black diamond with a shine that puts the sun to shame. You glow like the translucent golden streets of Heaven what I should call you by name. Such a spark in you that lit the dark in me, warm, calming, blue is the color I see. Like the color of royalty. You are a strong and beautiful Queen made of the most decadent chocolate. Smooth, sweet ecstasy. I felt a nudge in your direction that I can't say no to. Seeking an education in you, a pleasure just to know you. I want to teach and be taught, by you, but first by Him who while sinless, paid the seemingly endless, price for which our lives were bought. I seek to learn the language of your layers to know which smile matches which mood. He who finds a good woman, finds a good thing, and you're looking like food. Food for my soul. It's my attention you stole. Just like a thief in the night, and without the least bit of fight, I more than happily bequeath you that right.
An angelic beauty. God saw fit to bless me with your presence. We have a purpose in each other's present, and I'm thankful for that gift. I don't concern myself with the past, but my future shines so bright, I might burn myself if I bask.. in it. That's not me, it's God's glory. Normally I'd be curious to see the role He has for you in MY story. Something's different though, as I'm thinking more about how I can be a supporting character in yours. I suspect I'd be happy to take a co-starring role if it grows to that. I mean you know you're bad. In the good ways, and maybe in some bad ways that could be good in the right situation. If the spark is right, in the dark of night. litigations? Nah, no judgements here. In those moments, set passions free like runaway slaves with no fear. I'm right here, so I'll be here for it, but long before then, your emotional needs, I'll be there for it. I'll be your extra shelter in the storm, as God covers us both. To keep a smile on that priceless artwork you call a face, girl I'll be doing the most. Let me be calming in your life as an extension of The Most High. I know that many guys play games, maybe most lie. I'm trying to be a vessel for Christ in this season of your life. As He works in me to help light up any dark places you forgot existed, or chose to miss it, because what's inside of ourselves is usually scarier than what's out. We put up barriers, and pieces of us get lost in there until we can no longer hear the shout. I'm no hero in this story. Just a fisherman, it's HIS Story. But i can play a role by giving up control, and first learning how to better co pilot my own. That's God's planned first step for every man before he can ever be fit to lead a home. For so long I made the mistakes of seeking my perspective of earthly perfection, along with any hint of a magic moment's detection. So wrong, for so long, as my soul longed for something infinitely better, a Queen who would shine with God's Reflection!


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