Colors of You

Red, as red as the roses in spring
And as red as a volcanoes lava pouring over
As red as blood twinkling from an open wound
As red as a Robin flying by
Red, as Res as our nation's flag hanging high.

Orange, as orange as the fruit we love to eat
And as orange as fire spreading through the leaves
As orange as the autumn leaves falling off trees
As orange as the color of someone's hair
Orange, as orange as a Lantana we see everyday.

Yellow, as yellow as sunflowers in summer
And as yellow as lemons that are really sour
As yellow as baby chicks learning to walk
As yellow as bees spreading pollen around
Yellow, as yellow as the sun shining on us now.

Green, as green as an apple we can hold and eat
And as green as money to buy us new things
As green as frogs hopping along merrily
As green as lizards who sun bathe
Green, as green as our grass and trees keeping us alive.

Blue, as blue as blue berries freshly picked
And as blue as a butterfly with pretty eyes
As blue as fish that swim in the sea
As blue as the candy we get on Halloween
Blue, as blue as the sky during beautiful days.

Purple, as purple as your brand new car
And as purple as the lights at Christmas time
As purple as tulips and roses sitting in gardens
As purple as your favorite stuffed bear
Purple, as purple as the dress you wore when we met.

Pink, as pink as the frosting on newly baked cookies
And as pink as lemonade at picnics
As pink as your makeup when going out
As pink as the ice cream in my shop
Pink, as pink as your lips at first glance.

White, as white as a beautiful dove
And as white as Mr. Tinkle our white cat
As white as snow in the winter
As white as the frosting on our cake
White, as white as your lovely wedding dress.

Black, as black as a bat flying through the night
And as black as a cat wandering around
As black as my motorcycle in the back yard
As black as panthers caged up in the zoo
Black, as black as the ring I proposed to you.

You're as red as a rose
As orange as the autumn leaves
As yellow as the sun
As green as the trees blowing through the breeze
As blue as the sky and deep sea
As purple as the violets growing in the garden
As pink as as lemonade we drink in the summer time
As white as your wedding dress
And as black as the ring I proposed to you.
I merely have one question:
Will you spend your life with me?


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