Colors of Life


United States
25° 59' 47.148" N, 97° 34' 44.0328" W

Green is land I walk on, and the air I breath.
Red is blood I shed from fear, and the battle I won.
Blue is the water I drink, and the path to freedom.
Orange is the sun at the brightest and the never ending path
Pink is in innocent girl and the beauty inside
Purple is the poison I drink and the wonders of tomorrow
Brown is the color of my skin and the history of struggle
Yellow is the flower I see and the knowledge I learn
Gold is the money I own and the power I control
Gray is the moon at night and the middle of everything
Black is the shadows that lurk in the night and the sadness in my heart
White is the snow on a winter day's and the light of truth.
What color do you think I shoud be?
I'll let faith decide and i'll be me

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