She did not wear the same color

Her struggles the same as you and me

Yet, she remains an outcast just from the misjudgment of our eyes

Our eyes tells us lies

“You can’t sit here”

Said on every bus

“You can’t be in here”

Said in every store

Just because she did not wear the same color

Her personality sweet

But no one will ever know

Based off something she has no say in

She can’t help her skin

And we can’t help our eyes to keep from telling such lies


When in school at a young age

We learn the colors of the rainbow

Every color is beautiful in a different way

Yet, in society no color is beautiful except one


Society spreads our lies

That our eyes can’t help but see

No color beautiful unless the perfect tone of white

Our world separated into two

Because our eyes tell us lies


This poem is about: 
Our world



whoa this is so powerful

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