The Color Pink

No one gets in

No one gets out

After all it’s just you and me

Dawning curses of infant bleed


There is no room in the hog pen drizzle above

There is no home side the levee broken mud

The stove notched has reached its peak enough

Strap me Armani shackles and pass the bud


Over the hill steeped tumbles

Let us get ready to rumble

Lacerating through the insured plastered

Stone shine guts and glory bastard


All motives fallen only left with gems and pearls

Couldn’t keep this greed cause everyone else did

For something of what and the reds and the use

For nothing to none submerged from the dirt and eye


Hiding behind the sheds till the fallen dusk dawned

Dispersing all is true for the rem liars stared its spawn

Will the fantasy ever come true flashed in the theatre dome?

Space cadets ever burn through the atmosphere home

Forever and burn


Seong Kim


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