Color Me A Terrorist

The morning two towers fell from the skies,
Still can’t walk outside without questionable eyes
Staring at me through preconceived lenses;
I fit their stereotype.

Fingers pointed at me -my beard too dark for their liking.
I pray for peace.
But they like to believe that I crave hate and fighting.
Looking like an Arab with my kufi fitted snug,
Been labeled a “sand nigger”; someone pass the love.
They despise me for what I’m not.

They know nothing of my creed or of what lies inside,
If they gave me a chance I’d pry myself open wide,
To show them that I’m just. like. them.
They see only my outer covering and shut their mental doors-
My voice echoes in vain. 
I have no way of letting them know that I’m sick of the killing, raping, bloodshed, death and wars.
I stand for peace and happiness.

I consider them my brothers and sisters; humanity is one.
They consider me a threat, violent, hateful and dangerous; brainwashing has begun.
Please hear me when I say that Islam teaches respect and amity,
That murdering one person is like killing all of humanity,
That if my neighbors don’t feel safe then it’s my duty to change that.
They use the word "Jihad” without knowing its true meaning –struggle.
My Jihad is to better myself with every passing moment,
My Jihad is to wipe the dirt off my religion; to clarify through this poem.
My helping hands see no color, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.
My duty is to all of mankind; I’m required to give charity.
This is Islam. This is what it means to be a Muslim.
I have beliefs and dreams.
One day, they’ll look at me and realize my sincerity bursting at the seams. 



Thank you for sharing this.  


Thank you for reading!


I love this! Good job :)


This is amazing! Love it! Awesome job! 


This poem is really powerful. You offer a perspective not many people can see on racial profiling, and I'm sure that it strikes a deep chord with readers of every color, religion, and ethnicity. Great job and keep writing!


This is great.  It really hits home on this issue! 


Of all the muslim people I have met, not a single one has ever struck me as the terrorist type. You're poem aptly expresses the viewpoint of my friends whom are muslim. Thank you for sharing this poem. People should not be judged based on outward apperance but rather how they treat the world and people around them. Who is one man to judge another before he has dealt with his own faults?


Your comment is beautiful and your words struck home. This is what Islam teaches as well; we are no one to judge and we should address our own faults before addressing those of anyone else. I wish you continued goodness my friend. 

I thank everyone for the comments and for taking the time to read what lives in my mind. 


I really love this


MashAllah. Keep doing your thing Brother! Love from California!


JazaakAllah Khair bro! Got love for you from here in Jersey!


*If I ever use words that might be foreign to others, I like to provide the meaning so that they might understand so here goes: "JazaakAllah Khair" translates to "May God reward you with goodness". 


I love how you clarified the meaning of Jihad. I'm not Muslim but I fight for my friends and loved ones in regards to this issue. This should definently be shared in a big way


Thank you for your encouraging comment! Keep doing what your heart tells you is right. 

Lydia Pandorf

All I can say is woah, your words hit home. It literally put my world to a pause to actually take a second and cherrish what most people won't. Cherrish people like you in this world who only try to pursue good and make things right again for humanity.

love a diverse world

this was very heart warming


This kind of work is soul speak, its that outpouring of the heart-speak. This line hit home especially ---Staring at me through preconceived lenses; I fit their stereotype.

Because stereotypes stick like glue and they seem to never come off. Those preconceived lenses something I pray one day everyone will learn to leave behind. So this peice is beautiful in its honesty and integrity and I know it inspired me to write truth. I hope it will inspire others as well. 


Wow. Thank you for such a powerful comment. Your words inspire me to continue mapping my mind on paper. You're an inspiration in yourself. Many thanks friend. 


I really enjoyed reading this and felt saddened that there are so many people who just see in black and white. I hope that the hate will stop. Keep writing!


PP Staff here!  Can we feature this on our social media?  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr?  We'll absolutely 100% give you credit for it :)


Hi Mary, 

I'd be honored if you featured my poem on your social media =]. Would you mind forwarding me the links so that I can take a look and read any feedback viewers leave? Thanks for reaching out!


Sure!  Absolutely!  Are you following us on Facebook or Twitter?  I can put a direct link to your username! Ramadan Mubarak!


^_^. Thank you very much for the Ramadan wish! It put a smile on my face. 

I am following Power Poetry on Facebook although I haven't yet joined Twitter. Maybe I can steady creep on any comments left onTwitter just by visiting the Power Poetry page if you're able to provide the link. 

Thanks again, Mary! Is there a way for me to get you my name? Should I send a message to the Power Poetry FB page?


Email me directly:


Sent. [=


Absolutely fantastic bro ! mashallah. keep doing what your doing. change the world!


JazaakAllah khair brother! Thank you for taking the time to read and a million and one thanks for the motivating words! Got love for you from here in Jersey!


Inta chab hlewa! ^_^

Peter Rico

Dude if you don't win the scholarship I'm gonna be angry. This is amazing.


Wow; I really appreciate the support my man! Unfortunately the scholarship winner is chosen at random and there are so many entries for it...I'm not sure what chance I stand but all that's really important is if we can teach through our words and set an example for change toward the better through our thoughts. 

Feel free to share this my man! Again, thanks for showing love bro!


It's like I feel you're pain...If I had money I'd give it to  you. 

Great job, maybe you can teach me to be as good as you. :P

Keep writing. x


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