Color is the character, the value and the personality

Color was risen from darkness to light 

Color speaks of truth and sacrifice 

Color never should be judged by the mirror

Color why is your fist solid and structured so strong we have to march

Color was rich in his on land and surrounded by pearls below

Color had hundreds but became millions

Color believeth in truth and unity 

Color denied being ugly but passionately accepted Beauty

Color who shot me with a golden bullet with his own handprints

Color who took away my worth in this world so dark and misled

Color why have you turn away from my respect and given me turmoil and hatred 

Color stood as a tree but was eaten down by its own roots

Color walked with shoes filled with bricks, and transgression 

Color why have youur tears become so stubborn and your words become so weak

Color the drugs you have given me was like an apple without its skin sat in the sun

Color remember your fathers suffering, and rejections upon your hearts

Color sing now songs of bliss and hope,then kiss your brother so he can see your Color



I spoke of man tall and handsome with black hands and white teeth

I spoke of a man who walked the streets like a panther in the land of lions

I spoke of a man that sat in moss because the grass was too green 

I spoke of man who counts on his fingers because you told him he couldnt read 123

I spoke of a man that sat in the seat of hatred and still had his sunglasses on 

I spoke of a man that looked at the mirror and cleaned its spots with rags and towels

I spoke of a man that was given a gun but took the bulllets out and handed them to his enemy

I spoke of a man that read scriputure and understood walking through the shadows of death

I spoke of a man that stood at the podium and looked at the helpless cry for help

I spoke of a man that was blown by the northwinds and found in the south

I spoke of many men but only noticed one,


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