Off to College

She's going far

and i don't mean a

"two hour drive to a different city" far

i mean a

"seven hour flight across the country" far

but She chose this on her own


She didn't need permission to leave

She's not asking to 

spend the night at a friends house this time

She's not asking to 

move across the country

She's not demanding it either

She is taking a leap


once She realized that

no one was holding her back

but herself

She stopped walking and

decided to leap

just like how She decided to

leap off the bed when She was

five and sprained her ankle


She sprained her ankle but

what She didn't know then is

that whatever the 

outcome of her choosing to

leap would be her responsibility


as She continued to grow 

She stopped leaping and hesitantly walked

She weighed herself down

without realizing it

but now

She is releasing those weights and beginning to

leap again 

accepting full responsibility for whatever the

outcome may be

whether it may be

200 miles away or

2000 miles away

She will leap unapologetically

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