Cold. Sharp. Inviting.


Cold. Sharp. Inviting.

I don’t want anyone to pull me back into this world.

There is a reason I want to leave, and pulling me back

won’t make that reason go away.

If I fail the first time, I can promise you I will try again.

But for now all I want to do is feel something other than sadness.

If I can’t feel happiness than I can atleast feel the pain I deserve,

Cold. Sharp. Inviting.

I don’t know how or why but I do know that dragging a blade across my skin and watching

watching the red drops of blood seep out and bubble is mesmerizing.

Watching the crimson drops of blood drip out is calming.

It becomes a habit

The blade is always there for you.

It won’t leave you like people will.

At 2 am the blade won’t be asleep.

It will stay up with you for as long as you need it to.

It doesn’t judge you, betray you, make you feel guilty, or anything.

The cold, sharp steel.

The sweetness it provides is bliss nor is it rivaled by another.

Cold. Sharp. Inviting.

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