Cold hands of Death,Holds


Cold hands of Death,

Holds my Fading breath.

Time flies by in my short little life,

Alas! There was a many endless strives.


Hard and harsh was my path,

Now my time has come at last.

Death came slowly to me,

Smiling as if he was no fiend.


He held his hand out and whispered in his cold voice,

"Dear being of sorrow and regret, let me give you a choice.

Come with me and give up your life,

Or continue this path of strife."


I held my hand out, but someone came,

"Love of my life do not be lamed!

I want you to be happy so come with me

and live a happy life, come and see."


I saw my friend,

At tunnels end

Holding a door of light

And with all my might


I left Death behind,

And celebrated my find.

Death walked away humming a tune,

He disappeared before the clock struck noon.


My dear, dear friend saved me,

No longer do I have a life of endless strife.


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