I’m the type to creep up on your mind at 3 in the morning

Leave you in wonder if you should hit my line or let me be

The impact I have on you leaves you wondering what it could be

If it would be

If it should be 

I am the distraction to your everyday life,

You notice the pressure on your mind

So you hit my line and....


As each second passes your heart beats faster

And faster

The nerves are drowning your spirit

So you find yourself checking your phone every 3-5 minutes

Still no notification from me..

This is killing your pride

I mean your pride told you to stop..

Didn’t it???

But your emotions got in the way

You just can’t get enough of me

You’re selfish for me

I don’t blame you though

I would want me too

1 push notification from Christine 


Was it too dry for you?

You expected more enthusiasm—

I mean that’s what people do when they haven’t heard from you in a while and are excited to hear from you again.. right?

But you push it to the side and scold yourself for overthinking the slightest things

The conversation continues and my energy isn’t how it used to be—

Around you atleast—

And that gets to you

Why didn’t you take advantage when you truly had me?

When I was actually interested..

The regret devours you alive because you know you missed your chance

Now you will never be able to have it again 

You find yourself grinding your teeth and it’s solely because you’re stressed about not having me

Now I’ve left a permanent scar in your memory 

A scar that will never fade

No matter how hard you try, 

Those feelings will remain because I am addicting to your soul

You try to find a replacement but it makes it worse

Because now you realize you keep moving in reverse

By trying to find someone that is just like me— or better

But there is only one of me 

None like me

So you can keep trying 

But you’ll never escape from the thought of me


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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