It's the way you approach me as you look into my eyes and saw the real me.

To See my inner beauty more then a mirror could show me the reflection.

MY heart begin to feel useless at that kick and stabs guys added making me lose hope within myself.

You saw my strength not my weakness you saw I was empty and you didn't have to ask but you came in and made me complete.

I close up and build a wall to See How you would react to my distance and my speed..

you waited by that wall and hug it because you didn't try to change me but you accepted me.

I was so shocked that you loved me when I was mad ,when I was sad, and frustrated even if i was shy you loved me.

You whipped my tear when I cried

It's like my whole wall collapse because I hate people to See How broken I really was and you healed it all.

How bad I wanted to push you away you made me get closer to you as we held hands until they sweat

you protected me when I was fighting myself

. You took my mask off and kissed the real me.

You had the power to find the key to my walls you answer everything I needed you to

.you lost fear but I begin to fall in love with you.

I'm not your temporary girl who gives it all away you waited patiently as if affection didn't matter

you just like to See me smile.

You held me tight when I was stress you were proud at me even when I wanted to be perfect to notice that in your eyes I was so beautiful and precious

that it was OK not to be perfect.

Every time I started to build that wall when times got Tuff its like my walls had No reason to hide away from you

it was  like you were that person that showed me this world hurts but doesn't mean I have to hurt alone with it.

You carried me away and I flow to the clouds to have that person who knows me inside and out and.

Love it all

You Wasn't the gangster or try to be that guy in the movies you were yourself

a nerd like me

headed toward the mountains to reach success you said we could reach the top together.

I was not behind you or  in front of you we were side by side

 He listen to me and he said he was here

and I   fell in his arms and you were right there to caught me

he was this guy words couldn't explain because it was like he was meant just for me.

A guy with my name on it as if he waited for me.

I touch the cloud and passed up cloud 9 and made it 

to cloud 300 as he made me feel all the time.


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