Close the eyes

I don't think to think of a fatal world,
I will not leave you for a force that is not made for good,
I will not close my eyes and let a black tear of oblivion flavored to absence of you.
I will not remember false promises of love,
i don't think you ever leave me,
I dont think I ever tell you why you said love me.
I will not reject if you come back in my life again,
I don't think you will never fall for anything
because you're so strong that i admire all your perfect qualities,i can stay aloft in the dirty life for you.
I don't think that you're eternal perfect of love
it will come to an end someday but if i tell you this someday i have to go not of you
but of the fake situation and false situation of this unhappy and unfaithful treacherous world.

your last and first kiss of love,
they never will leave the lips of my heart as the last
and first kiss of my existence.
I don't think about never forget you
and if i were to change the ink
So will be a worse world in which we live
if perhaps there might be so damn than a burning hell like this one what worse mistake, you see?

I you know I wish you so much
that you produce in me things in my interior
that i had never felt in my damn ink of world space.
you have inspired in my ink to write the true meaning of the word love.

oh beg my apology from the word you,
i know you will never extinguish
and my life is on your side,
I will not close my eyes
and time to flow out of you,
I will not close my eyes
because I owe my tears to you.


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