The Click Has To Happen

A few weeks ago, I walked into my room after taking a shower as usual. But not as usual I was scared. Why? You might ask? I can answer that. Because that was the day, I realized I could be shot at any point in time. At any moment a bullet could come whistling through me window and kill me. Was it likely for me, having done nothing, having no enemies, to get shot through my window? No. But there are hundreds of people in their bedrooms where it is more likely. Where they could be killed at any second. Of course, I had always known that guns were a problem, but it had never, what we might call, clicked. Well, it clicked for me that night. But obviously, for some people it hasn’t clicked yet. It hasn’t clicked that over 41,000 people died just this year from gun violence. It hasn’t clicked that the Parkland school shooting was real, that 17 people died, that it could happen again if we don’t do something. It hasn’t clicked that in the last two days over 200 people have been shot. It hasn’t clicked that people's lives are more important than keeping guns. But on behalf of America as a whole, I hope it does click. It has to. For the lives of every single person in America that click must happen. No one should have to be scared to walk into their bedroom. But it's not crazy. Because guns are real. And they kill. 





I couldn't agree more, and I am only 13. WITH the wrong conservative influence from my family. Gun should be ban, I don't CARE if you want to go hunting, someones life is a whole lot more important then you killing a dear out of entertainment.

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