Thu, 08/01/2013 - 12:55 -- sbedian

I woke up one morning, first feeling fine,

Watching the news, people gathered for the marathon,

Soon after though, death was on my mind,

I think it was there, even at dawn,

I was unaware, not a puppet or pawn,

I was not even scared, just overcome,

By the recognition of mortality,

The sudden strike of this reality,

Had me in its grip, the finality of it,

Made me think that life just slips away one day,

Later in the afternoon,

I saw on TV the people's doom,

Then I knew it was true,

I wept for them, I felt deeply blue and empathic for friends,

People I had known all day, not knowing them anyway,

Poeple now gone away, and leaving me here to stay,

Remembering where I had come from.


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