City of Stars


A small little place is where I grew up, with a few close friends at my side.

And on summer nights we'd walk the town, and watch the stars spread wide.

So numerous and beautiful, my soul was filled with awe.

We friends sung praise to the Maker of it all.

But then I moved to the city, and my stars were hidden from my sight.

At first I lamented, seeing this only as a plight.

The sky no longer had its familiar shine, and it felt like I had left my heart at home.

But as time went on, and as the nights did pass, my heart began to roam.

So then came the time when I moved to a new small place, and the stars shone brilliant once more.

And as I sat there under those stars, I noticed something I hadn't before.

The stars were more numerous than I could remember.

But the solace of those stars were as cold to me as a silent December.

I thought, "Why?  How can this be?"

And as I sat there thinking, the answer came to me.

I had no need to seek solace in the stars now.

In the city, my stars weren't in the sky, but around me--that's how.


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