The City Of Broken Dreams

From showing no pity
to playing on the street
families attempt to escape poverty
nobody recognizes reality
because the streets
created enemies
homies backstabbing
police attacking
impregnated teens
crack fiends
prostituting to feed
the mentality
a poison to appease
but what do you get
if all your ever fed
is lies and a false hope filled with regret
college isn't on the agenda thats set
but the pin
and that pistol pulled to your head
are all thats left
only a teen
whos left to see
that broken dreams
that breed
have created a fallacy
that destroyed more dreams
so my city has lost morality
survival has become the seed
to this desperation
no love cause the hunger created hatred
more tattoo tears for those caught in altercations
the minds too basic
but nobodies facin
the consequences so excuses are made
and the moms are left to embrace
this anger this pain
and the kids with blood stains
live with the deaths played
over and over for the rest of their days
cause the city
never sleeps
and its dangerous to dream
because everything is destroyed in my city of broken dreams
where the broken breed
and the broken's seed
continues the cycle destroying dreams
of those who tried to believe

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