Christmas Poem



Christmas Poem

Thinking on what to say about Christmas

I realized I was no expert, I do confess.

It’s just always been a bedtime story,

Of our savior born in Glory.

I’ve lost some of the wonder

Of the birth of our savior.

It seems like year after year, I hear the same thing:

Of this baby born long ago, supposedly a king?

For so many years now I’ve let it slide.

A mere story to simply satisfy

My desire to fall asleep and go under.

But as I began to think and to ponder

Of God’s intimacy and wonder,

He sat me down in front of his word,

Displaying beautiful truths through my leisure.

 He reminded me how he magnificently foretold

His own coming through the prophets of old.

Prophets like Isaiah.

Who listened carefully to words spoken by­­­ Jehovah  

And as God told him to make a proclamation

He did more than that; He gave God a proper and royal declaration.

Isaiah told the people, “There is coming a king,

That will change everything.

His name will be called Wonderful Counselor,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace,

Mighty God is He.”

The world sat in silence,

Waiting for God’s deliverance.

Finally, on a day so glorious,

God fulfilled his promise.

For a God who knew no time,

Was instantly a part of an on-going timeline

Mary, great with child, and Joseph, tired from all the miles,

frantically searched for a safe haven,

As they entered Bethlehem, they pleaded for entrance to an inn,

“My wife is about to enter labor,

Do you have any room in your parlor?”

But the manager gave them a devastating blow;

Resulting in fewer places for them to go.

I think as Joseph explored relentlessly,

He was willing to settle for practically anything.

As time eluded Joseph’s grasp,

He would settle for anything quite fast

Because he knew Mary’s pains were increasing

To a point of inconsistent breathing.

The biological clock of the soon-to-be-mother was about to strike

Giving birth to a little tyke.

Right before his bride

Gave birth, Joseph found a place that satisfied.

Hay covering the ground and animals

In the stalls; the creatures anxiously awaited the arrival

Of a baby boy. Suddenly the barn fell

 Silent as God physically entered the realm.

A joyous shriek penetrated the quietness.

A relaxed expression crossed Mary’s appearance.

Now holding her child in her arms,

She could finally breathe without raising an alarm.

And for the first time since earth’s creation,

God rested in the arms of a human.

As Mary laid the infant in a mange

Shepherds appeared which was kinda strange.

The couple wasn’t expecting visitors,

But the Shepherds said, “We came to see our Lord!

You see, an angel appeared to us;

Testifying of a birth so glorious.

We had to see for ourselves,

The truth which the angels

Proclaimed. Oh! What a sight-

That you’ve given birth to the giver of life.”

As they stood there giving

Their gift through worshipping,

There appeared three wise men, probably kings.

“We saw the star in the east,

And we had to come see

For ourselves the gift that lied before us.

We bring gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense.” 


 God doesn’t discriminate

Against wealth, poverty, or popular rates.

The shepherds, in their poverty, gave gifts through worshipping.

The kings, in their wisdom and wealth, giving and sacrificing

Expensive things. They all knew he was worthy

To receive oral and material praise.

But there’s another: Praise through sound.

That’s exactly what the little drummer boy found.

 he approached with his talent,

He grew weary and silent.

He was probably thinking,

“Will they accept my offering?

My gift isn’t as incredible as gold

Or as soothing as words to be told.

But I’m gonna give God my all,

That’s what he asks of me after all.”

So as the little boy played his drum:

Barumpumpumbum barumpumpumbum.

And his gift was worth the whil ,

Because it made the babe in the manger smile.

See God just wants our all

Regardless of how tall or small

Or young or old we may

be.  As these humans made the day

About Christ, they

Became the first to celebrate true life..

Then they gathered around the cradle

Singing, “Noel, Noel, Our Emmanuel”

God with us!

Oh What a promise!


His physical conception is truly important

Because without his coming, we’d still be in sin.

Because to me, without His birth,

We have no worth.

Because if he wasn’t born,

Then the veil could not have been torn

On the night of his death.

Giving up His last breath.

Reconciling us back to Him

Oh! The curse was broken! Hallelujah! Amen!

And as He rose from the grave,

All hell was screaming, “We thought you were slain”.

NO! Hell was mistaken

Because on the night of the crucifixion

Jesus’s death on a tree

Brought hell to its knees.

Forever paying the price

Of our sins and vice.

I’m Glad Jesus came

To the earth to be slain

So we could be drawn to him without vain.


Jesus is the reason for the season

Yes, But he’s also the reason for our salvation.



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