Christmas Joy


Holiday joy



Tis’ Christmas the season to be jolly,

As we awake to presents under the Christmas tree,

There is a light of joy as we open the door,

from town to town we all spread Christmas cheer.


There are twelve days of Christmas, as  you can see,

on the first day of Christmas, the lights shine, on the trees.


On the first day of Christmas,

We wake up on Christmas day,

and see the snow outside,

as the kids fall and make snow angels, we decide to go out and play.


We open one present on Christmas Eve, And the rest are opened the next day, we enjoy the spirit of Christmas in the air, and the bright lights everywhere, we are all grateful for what we have achieved.


The day is over, we all rejoice,

we all jump for joy, at the Christmas cheer we all hold, on the first day of Christmas.


On The second day of Christmas, I decorated my house with Christmas wire figures,

Santa Clause, Reindeer, Christmas trees, even elves,

nothing looks imperfect,

but  then again it is Christmas,

nothing seems bad.  



On the third  day of Christmas,

I kept warm inside,

I drank hot Cocoa,

With marshmallows as a topping,

that made me smile


On the fourth day of Christmas

I saw the gift of my dreams was at my feet, I thought of the days that I pleaded for that gift, 

the gift of Christmas spirit.


On the fifth day of Christmas,

I went Christmas shopping at Macy’s, 

I got a blender and a Christmas PC,


On the sixth day of Christmas, I was so happy, I went out in the  snow, I sculpted a snowman and called him Frosty.


On the  seventh day of Christmas,  

I went outside again,

I jumped and fell into the snow,

I was perfectly fine,

I lied down in the snow and made a snow angel, and rejoiced, “Five more says until Christmas”, and ran inside my house.


On the eighth day of Christmas, I bought a dozen useful gifts for myself,

I almost opened them all,

instead I thought of the Christmas meaning and decided to donate the gifts I bought to charity,

to spread some Christmas cheer.


On the ninth day of Christmas,

my friends and I went to the mall,

and we all donated our time to a worthy cause,

and it made us all feel like Christmas angels.


On the tenth day of Christmas,

I went to get Christmas tree, I trimmed the tree to where it was even, 

and went outside to rejoice “Two more days until Christmas”.


On the Eleventh day of Christmas, I went to buy Christmas decorations for Our Christmas tree,

and I went outside to rejoice, “It’s Christmas eve!"


On the twelfth day of Christmas,

all of my family came over to visit,

on that very day I went outside and went crazy with the snow, for it was Christmas day, 

and I went out to rejoice and play.

As I ran outside to play and threw snow up into the air,

And as my heart filled with happiness and joy,

I ran and rejoiced loudly “It’s Christmas day, Thank St. Nick, It's Christmas day!”

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