Mon, 12/25/2017 - 08:49 -- LeQol

 Christmas? Is that you?
Man, you've come around quickly, are you sure it's not too soon?
No? Okay. Gee then I better get myself into the spirit again
Brace myself for all that Christmas music, those jolly tunes
And all the impromptu accapella performances no matter how inopportune
I better go Christmas shopping and dent my poor bank account
I've unfortunately built up a gift giving reputation that is somewhat paranount
And expensive! So dreadfully expensive
Now, now Christmas I do not hate you
Don't pout like that now, it simply isn't true!
You see, as the sands have run I've become a bit wider with time
I've gained some wisdom not previously mine
I've come to see how selfish some giving can be
How the need to impress takes one over so subtely
"The best gift must be given by me!,
But only when many will see"
What a selfish abuse of charity!
Where I was once blinded I now see with such clarity
Every selfless act captured in a still frame
Not to encourage others to do the same
But to boost personal fame
Oh Christmas, it's insane!
I myself have been guilty and I'm ashamed
All that senseless ego boosting was all in vain
This year my motives will not be the same
It is my hope my friends will match my new aim
'Peace on Earth and goodwill to men' 
Let's hope giving will be only about giving again

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