Christian Believer.

Let's write out a story

Let's start pouring your heart into an glass that will never be filled

And let's cry all night hoping the the pain you feel with be washed away with the salt water coming from your eyes

Life will make you say, do, and think some crazy things

But what your going to realize is that only one person can help you.

That one person can be the author of the story your looking for

That one person can fill your heart that would be able to fill the glass

That one person would be able to cure the pain without having tears pouring from your eyes

That one person is ..


Keep your eyes on him and your life will be better than before

Read his book and your questions will be answered

Give your heart to him and he will protect it and will never drop it

And he will see you in pain and be the doctor and medicine you need to stop the stabbing

But at the same time he said life won't be easy

Yes you are going to feel pain

Yes your going to get hurt

Yes you will feel like giving up

But you have to be strong and and fight on

Because if you don't be strong for you who will

Remember God is always be your side even when you feel like he is not

He always hear your calling even when you become death and can't even make yourself yell the name of God

He will never let you go, but he will let you fall 

Thank you God.



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