The Choice

Im not the one

For which they send

I’m the one

Who caused all good to end.

I’m not from heaven

Nor from hell

I’ll wrap you up

In my evil spell.

Ill do you good

Then go away

I’ll collect my payment

Another day.

The price is cheap

I’ll play the role

All it’ll cost

Is just one soul.

It doesn’t matter

If it’s good or bad

It’ll serve my purposes

Happy or sad.

Come now,

Don’t run and hide

You had the choice

And you chose my side.

It’s not my fault

Don’t blame me

You made the choice

Don’t you see?

The time has come

Today’s the day

Just give up

Its time to pay.

Don’t fight me

You wont win

Choosing me

Was the ultimate sin.

You should’ve picked life

But instead you chose death

You thought you got more

But you really got less.

Now you have nothing

You’re not even whole

You’ve given up life

And I’ve taken your soul.

So with nothing left,

What do you know?

You can’t trust anyone

And you’ve got nowhere to go.

Pack up your things

And hit the road

No one wants you here

Just do as your told.

Now here’s a lesson

You must learn

Learn it fast

And you won’t burn.

You have a choice

And if you choose me,

You’ll live a life

Full of misery.


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