Chocolate Charity

Unhealthy love comes with a toll,
With your heart locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole,
When cupid substitutes the arrow bouquets,
You can't fix it with chocolate ferrero rochers,  You see, but
Healthy love comes in a stroll
With two friends side-by-side,
hands in a hold,
With someone that you know
All too well,
It's not a mystery,
Can you even remember when us two fell?  And you never will,
I love you because our love is never steel
Cold,And because I love you
I have a better feel,
Here, better still,
My charity,
A rarity in a world that could you use letters to let it heal  My charity,
The cornerstone
For every corazón,
My charity,
is unconditional
Without it,
Love is fictional


This poem is about: 
Our world


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