Fayetteville, N.C.
United States

Those bright, helpless eyes staring up at me. Instantly I understand her thoughts, as she cannot speak. 

I often find it difficult to comprehend  how much this tiny girl needs me. And she never puts up a fight even if we disagree. 

The trust she has in me is unlike any kind. She has a heart of gold, like an angel and child combined. 

Many people can't  understand how humans can create such a connection. From the moment I held her tiny body in my arms I knew her well being was my ultimate objection. 

It's tough to imagine how complete she's made my world. From a playful snare to a warning bark, my life has perfectly come unwhirleded. 

Her name is Chloe and she's tiny as can be. She isn't my natural child but she's as close as a dog could ever be.  


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