Chinese Food and Netflix

Rain hits the streets, 

the sky remains gray. 

I can't shake this feeling,

the darkness won't go away.

I just want to curl up, 

and stay in my bed. 

I've got nothing better to do, 

but I want to clear my head. 

I force myself up,

and head to the shower.

Use my favorite body wash, 

that smells like my favorite flower. 

The brighten my mood, 

I get myself a treat. 

I call the Chinese resturant, 

just down the street. 

Wear my favorite pajamas, 

and wait for the call. 

Look out the window,

the rain continues to fall. 

When my order arrives, 

I lay it all out. 

I grab my blanket,

and settle on the couch. 

I switch on Netflix, 

with my lo mein in hand. 

I finally indulge, 

on the new season of "The Ranch".




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