China Doll


I can see you two together every weekend

The love flows from you like a river

What about me?


Any other occasion you will be together

Vacations, days off, anything to spend time with each other

Have you forgotten me?


He showers her with expensive gifts and clothing

She gives him the love he never experienced before

What about me?


They kiss in the kitchen as she is making dinner

Arms wrapped around her wide hips

Don’t forget that I still exist


She wanted a larger closet and more clothes

He obeyed her request and gave her what she wanted

Did he forget that the room and closet was mine?


The wedding was picture perfect out of a story

Everything she had ever dreamed of

Am I that easily replaced?


Their love for each other burns bright and strong

Everything is perfect, right down to their home

I guess I don’t exist


The time made for each other was not meant for me

Days off are not available to me

I’m a doll put on the shelf to be taken care of at a later date


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