The Chill, Late at Night

Don’t wanna waste my life, writing all these love songs….

Refuse to be wasting away, smattered on this page,

Like a salesman the thoughts of you won't go away,  

So I’m stuck thinking about you, night and day.

Then you softly put hand to my heart,

And i fall apart.


Catchy tune, that you’ll fall in love with,

You must be a goddess, of legend and myth…

Because you pierce my eyes, and see into my soul,

And recognize just like a knife I’m dull.

How long has it been since i was sharpened by your love?

But, at least you’ll have me, thank God above….


Starts writing, from the heart.

Scary reality, nowhere to restart.

If you mess up now, it’s over and done.

But God will still claim you, as his son.

And it's time to make headlines, and big budgets.

The boy forgets about the girl, who doesn't?

The boy sings about being a big rockstar,

Whereas the girl can barely afford to pay the downpayment on her car….

It’s all downhill from here.


So, it's almost twenty years later,

The boy never went to college, girl studied the theater.

Now both on even playing field,

Success is by far the easiest shield.  

And they meet back up at a highschool reunion.

Old sparks fly, brand new tux and gown? Ruined.

Is this love? No, it’s called Teenage Spirit.

They take a break, boy needs a minute.

Girl starts to remember the abortion pill.

And it all goes downhill. (Oh, it goes downhill)


Girl begins to cry, alone, in the dark,

Her tears become steadily angrier, gonna go berserk.

Starts remembering every finite detail of that horrid day,

Where Boy drugged and raped her, and then told her it would be okay.

Because love is forever right? And they love each other right?

This Boy didn’t know love, he just wanted to satisfy his needs at night.

And that's all it takes for the cycle to begin,

A girl, alone in a room, without any friends.

And that's when our story begins.


Boy just wanted to feel, all the power in the world.

Dad beat him so hard, his mother’s toes curled.

And a vicious cycle continues,  from Dad, Boy, to Girl.

And Girl had a real shot in life, if only she gave it a whirl.

Life is so difficult now, and she’ll always remember.  

What happened, all the way back that September.

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