Child's Play

Outside, the rays of sunshine that glide through the green canopies of river birch trees

And land on me, a three-year-old filled with glee

The dark slate pathway separating in two the perfectly-manicured lawn,

Leading my three-year-old feet to the front porch

The steps out front adjoining the tranquil emerald-paned house,

Supporting the weight of the many brightly-colored balloons

And the smile of my friend’s dad’s face as he opens the brown hickory door,

Wearing his baby-blue polo paired with creme boat shorts 


Inside, the open, airy entrance-way decorated with bright colors galore,

Colors that inspired me, that made me cheerful inside

The sweet aroma of vanilla birthday cake, instantly smelt,

Drawing me away from my parents and off on my own conquest

The squeals of delight ushered from my friends’ mouths

As I chase them through the many white halls

And the smile of a mother, teeming with joy,

As she picks me up and kisses me on the forehead, calling me “Jack’s friend”


And driving home, the new-car smell of our Nissan Maxima

Coupled with the scent of vanilla wafers and saved birthday cake

The peaceful notes of Baby Mozart gliding into my ears,

So noteworthy that I, even now, remember the tunes

The bright ball of fire in the sky, called the sun,

Blinding me every time we drove north

And the ocean’s gently-lapping waves that caress the white shores

And simultaneously draw my eyes from my book to the endless expanse beyond,

Distracting me for the rest of my expedition home


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