Children of the World

We're all children of this world

So why must harsh words be hurled?

Why must bitter thoughts and grudges

Be bottled up and hold us back like sludge?

Why must fighting and killling

Be the systematic way of peace with bodies stacked to the ceiling?

Why must ignorance and hate plague the tranquil air

When happiness and tolerance share the same space of air?


These are not exaggerations but mere facts of the world we live in

Where solutions, rather harmless, preside, but are ignored only to solved with sins.

Whether you're small or large, or young or old

We're all children of this world, and have the ability to make our voices bold


When I grow old, I want this world to be a safe haven, for my children

With the morals I have enstilled them with, because at the end of the day,

We are all children of this world.


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