The Children of War

They're like the Sun
They burn everyday,
Facing unjustice, trials, they don't deserve to pay.
Their fault? you might wonder and say...
Being born into a world of selfish, sluthering snakes
Too kind, innocent, too young to know
To watch out for the cruelty of the stings ahead
They burn slowly everyday, just like the Sun
They lost their loved ones to one-second guns
Walking with a stoned heart, bleeding tears of vain
Yet the world sleeps with harmony,
Their cries are covered by selfish world bands
No one seems to care or pay attention and ask, Why?
The world blindly assures itself everything's alright
Oh, foolish world don't you understand
What do you want, for the Children of War to swallow their sorrow, agony, and pain
To smile when nothing is Ok!
To pull the curtains to every misery they face
Sadly the Sun never fails to make the world happy...
While, itself burns in agony


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