Children of Today

The children of today

never live past tomorrow,

Their classrooms have become war zones 

Fire drills turning into a friendly fire 

Hate speech spewed from a man who’s job

Every little kid wishes they can someday be

Kids sharing their trauma

in order to spark change


And I know my history! 

Because an amendment is worth more than my life

The stars on the flags look more like exit wounds each day

There are kids that have more bullet wounds in their body

than years on their life 


Instead of dripping in mucus they’re dripping in blood 

Because your prays didn’t work

It didn’t work for Trayvon

It didn’t work for Sandy Hook

It didn’t work for El Paso

So when are we gonna put in work

And stop the waterworks

We remember their names 

But forget to clean up the mess

Because we label it all as a "work in progress"

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Our world
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