Chicana Yo Soy

Chicana Yo Soy!

Y para Mexico Casi No voy

The Spanish I speak isn’t real

Now I know how natives feel

Chicana yo soy…..


Chicana Yo Soy!

I walk on a thin line of sadness and joy

For my peers don’t understand discipline at home

Which follows me past being fully grown

Chicana yo soy…..


Chicana Yo Soy!

I had to wait until 15 to date a boy

My peers pressured me to do more

The disrespect was felt at my family’s core

Chicana yo soy……


Chicana Yo Soy!

I am too American to be Mexican for my culture

Too Mexican to be American its quite the mental torture

Chicana Yo Soy!


Chicana YO SOY!

Con Orgullo that means pride

My culture is my daily drive

Efficient, hardworking good with rations

Enjoying my life, my culture, my passion



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