Living in a city where guns are like toys, really takes a toll on me.

Never knowing if I am safe or not, really takes a toll on me.

Wishing that my closet friends are safe in any neighborhood, really takes a toll on me.

Chicago is a beautiful city, however, it's filled with guns.

Hear a gun shot "BANG BANG!" everyone runs.

No one looks back, no one stops to look. Everyone runs to be safe.

Little do some know that running can be unsafe.

Bullets have no names on them. Bullets just fly.

You hear "They shot my guy". Next minute, someone in a funeral home wearing

an all black tie.

You never know your fate when living in Chicago.

You got to know that all cities can't be that wonderful.

We need some kind of control. Something to put these deaths on hold.

We need our younger generation to survive to make a better Chicago.

We can't do that without any type of gun control.


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