The Windy City is its nickname, but do you really know what blows through these streets...
In which you will find fiends at the height of their peaks, young men and women whose clothes reek of the green of which they spent to hit to maybe rise their lows or to numb their woes
Not for medicinal use but to add to the physical as well as the mental abuse because once the blunt was rolled, they told their future no, "I refuse to show this world I can grow out of this state, not in which I live in but socially imprisoned"
On these streets you'll find kids who commit the same bids as their parents or parent so apparently the absence leads to the lost of guidance which leads to the lost of patience, so fucked up ain't it?
Not to mention the attention that our music gets so now the tension placed upon these generations are even greater, listening to some "Bang, Bang" and "Love Sosa" thinking they're supposed to use what belongs in a holster
Now I'm not knocking the hustle, just the way it's portrayed, yeah.....we all know they payed but is it at the expense of youngins gettin' slayed?
Parents burying thier children 6 feet deep when they haven't even made it to 3 feet of height...
Now are you understanding my sight, in which it's this giant we have to fight, to put goals into the heart of these kids so when they dig deep, they'll shine
You may not be the next Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, or Derrick Rose but you can still rise without dribbling a ball or reciting a lyric because if you just be quiet and hear it......or him I should say, he'll pave the way so you can march to may
Now if you're from here, you'll understand me, if not, try to comprehend me that each time someone is gunned down in that city, whether young or old, friend of foe, I feel the pain hundreds of miles away
And no I'm not asking for your pity, just be careful when talking about my city
It's probably not where you wanna be but it's home and it's what made me


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