Truth is,

I think you’re beautiful.

I sit down and just stare at you from a distance.

I watch you laugh, talk, and eat.

As I sit, I think about how delightful you must be.

People say that you’re amazing,

While all I can say is “She’s beautiful.”

I sit there gazing,

Looking at you and every perfect feature of you.

I’ve witnessed you fall,

Flat on your ass.

Somewhere deep inside I wanted to ask,

“Are you okay?”

But I’m afraid,

That I would get too choked up to speak.

I’m still sitting here,

Thinking to myself,

“Staring blankly is not charming.”

In order to sway you,

I must be charming.

Charming enough to win you.

But little ol’ me is far from charming.

For example,

You watched me fall,

Flat on my ass,

In math.

I made the whole class laugh,

Because it took about four seconds to hit the ground,

And I did nothing to stop myself.

But now,

I’m doing everything in the world to stop myself from talking to you.

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