Once upon a time, in a village far away;

There was a girl who’d gone astray.

Her father a king, her brother a prince,

The very thought of it made her wince.

She knew of the hungry, she knew of poor;

There was not a soul she cared for more.


So she went to search for those in need;

Away she ran with hasty speed;

Until she ran into a man of old,

Who smelled of foulness and mold.

The girl almost turned away in disgust,

But instead her judgments she thrust.

He was a man with a story

Who’d already lived his days of glory.

She introduced herself with a sheepish smile,

And the man wondered what was this guile?

Here, their friendship began,

And for a long time, she cared for this man.

She did until the day of his death,

In which he said his last words under his breath.


Meanwhile, back home, the King was full of worry;

For his kingdom was falling apart in quite a hurry,

His daughter was lost,

And every bit of hope was exhaust;

Until rumors throughout the kingdom did roam,

The girl had made her way back home!


The girl saw that her help was needed,

And her unique qualities were finally conceded.

Her example changed the way the people behaved;

Because of her good works, the village was saved.

Words of the past came flowing back to her head,

That were from her mother and the man, both dead.

She heard in perfect clarity:

“Your name suits you, Charity.”


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