From Chaos to Grace


United States
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I was born from chaos,

a fire from ash and wishes.

It soon became apparent that my existence

was a contradiction

Because LIGHT was my name,

though from darkness

I came.  Sanity they called me,

though my brain

was insane.

My name, Serenity, never made sense to me.

They called me Hope, though I was a well

of negativity.

I never understood why they called me Joy,

Why they called me Silence when I heard

only noise.

But I found one day, written in blood,

A letter to my people, signed by Love.

He told them my name would no longer be,

But a different, new name would be given

to me.

So by Love’s power, my name

was changed.

Thus today I am known as

Daughter of Grace.

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Thank you for your work. You write beautiful poems. 


Thank you so much. :)

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