Change the World

Love should be the language we speak,

Our code of conduct, when we're weak,

We turn to God each and every time,

But forget about Him when things go fine.

We look for love where it can't be found,

In fortune, fame, and silver clouds,

But all you have to do is look,

See that life is not a storybook.

Let's start in our own neighborhood,

And start to change the world for good.

To find the hurting, don't look far,

People are wishing on the wrong star.

They dream and then forget their dreams,

And never carry it out, it seems.

If you want restoring of your mind,

Turn back to God Who is divine,

Tell Him your worries and your fears,

And God will dry up all your tears.

He will heal you because of His love,

And wants you to show it to everyone.

To tell the Good News, it's not over yet,

When you sow love, love's what you'll get.

Just begin in your own neighborhood,

If you want to change the world for good.

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My community
Our world


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