Change the Pace, For the U.S.A. Face



This place is a waste of space,

When all the students do is copy and paste,

Time and money are abused,

It isn’t something that should be misused,

However, it’s done night and day,

Especially for those having the federal government pay,

They try to disguise it in a lies of lace,

Make no mistake though it’s a burn for the U.S.A. face,

Our leaders need to see this disgrace,

They must see their stupidity and embrace,

Teachers are giving grades to students who don’t put in the work,

Telling them it’s okay if they only want to twerk,

They should push for more,

And not towards the liqueur,

Passing those lazy bums through,

Only because they are tired of dealing with their crew,

That teaches nothing,

Just that they are incompetent and bluffing,

Showing only weakness rather than restraint,

They’d rather send them on their way and be faint,

When they could be a real dream pusher,

Instead they are just a lazy cusher,

Accepting their failure and ignoring the true issue,

Giving them pity and a tissue,

When they need only discipline and true testing,

Against other nations we are weak,

And our future in their hands is bleak,

Our classrooms need able bodies and suits,

Not inadequate people in high-heeled boots,

Our students need teachers of understanding,

Instead they have a black and white landing,

The rules that apply are all on cue,

However they should apply to all too,

Change these misgivings,

Help these young men and women to one day make a living,

Take away the wastefulness and prizes for their small sizes,

Encourage more tact,

And learning more by fact,

Stick to the books,

Step away from looks,

Discipline is key,

Or we will pay the price of failure as the fee,

Lead them to success,

Through hard work and life’s mess.












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