The Change in Me

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 16:16 -- CApoet

What was different in me

From a year ago to now;

What more could I see

From a year ago to now?


Planning for what to do

Is what changed;

Planning to use the education I knew

Is what changed.


I understood the school subjects

A year ago;

I understood each of the projects

A year ago.


It was how to use it

That I was not so sure about;

It was a lot, I admit,

That I was not so sure about.


As time went on,

I was learning;

As time was gone,

I was learning.


I was very prepared for my last year

In High School;

I did not have any fear

In High School.


Yet, I was not prepared for the reality

With Senioritis;

The desire to be carefree

With Senioritis.


The past I forgot about

Within a year;

The present was my black out

Within a year.


All I thought was the future

That year;

What to do was my concern, for sure

That year.


Now, I'm patiently waiting

Without Senioritis;

Now, it's not frustrating

Without Senioritis.


One day at a time

I say;

One step in the climb

I say.


As planning increased,;

So my Senioritis deceased;

As my Senioitis decreased,

So my patience increased.


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