A Change

I may not style it as often as you’d like

But it was long, pretty and wavy.

You loved it when I grew it out

And you wanted me to keep it that way.

But now I can’t maintain its beauty

Nor its shine or shape.

I’m always running out of resources

To make it shine and bounce.

It always gets tangled and messy

And it is such a pain

To always tug at it to make it stay.

I just wanted your attention

But you never really gave me any.

There is no point in keeping this style

To make you talk to me.

I had to get rid of most of it

Since it’s too much for me.

I’ve been restricting myself for too long

With extra, tangled weight.

It will never be long and pretty

Like you wanted it to be.

Don’t you see I had to let it go?

No matter how many accessories I wear,

No matter how much product I use,

Even if I regrow it,

You still won’t pay attention to me.


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