A Chance


Time keeps passing, the world still turns

I’d hoped I’d moved on, but the passion still burns

I know you still feel it, there’s no way you don’t

I ask you to be honest, but we both know you won’t

Not just a passing glance, but a lingering gaze

I won’t let it affect me, I now know your ways


You still act the same, that grin I know so well

But you can’t expect forgiveness after putting me through Hell

Did your memory fail? Let me fill you in

Always should have known there was no way I could win

You gave me hope, offered me your heart

Then you ripped it away, tearing me apart


You opened up, you acted like you cared

All of those nights, into your eyes I stared

It took us awhile, didn’t know what to feel

But everyone else could tell it was real

I still have people in my ear everyday

Saying when I walk into a room you can’t help but look my way


I’m just so hurt I can’t even explain

I can’t possibly fathom what goes through your brain

When I see your face now, I don’t know who you are

You aren’t the same boy as all those nights in my car

All that I think is that you were a mistake

You are merely a chance I wish I didn’t take


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