By Chance

You came into my life by chance


We were childhood friends

You would push me on the swings

Till my feet touched the sky


We'd run through the grassy fields

Rolling in the grass

Giggling as you would try to impress me


Then my world changed..

We went our sepreate ways

You went to the sad city of Seattle

I stayed in the now not so sunny Arizona


A couple years went by, and there you were

You had grown out of your awkward big head

And your long arms and short legs

You were now a womanly beautiful


We bumped into each other

Completely coincidental


This was my first day at a new church

This was your first day back to Arizona



We were both in the same place at the same time


You moved close by but we didn't stay in touch

All I knew is that you were back

The sunny skies were no longer dull

All the colors more vivid then before


A year passed

I was starting to discover who I was

Church camp was coming up soon

I went with my brother, but

Ran into you


What are the odds?

How does that happen?






We promised to stay together


No matter what will come

We will stand against it

We've been dragged apart

We've been pushed back together

And now we wont let go


Even if we must wait forever to be together

I'll wait forever and more

If it means I can be happy with you


We are forever tied by this random string:

Soul mates


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