Challenge Mountain

I want to be in the clouds

To reach the top

To stand in the heavens


My neck strains as I stand at the base

Of my mountain

Now that I have gotten so close

It is harder to see the clouds

Yet I remember the view I had from afar


I imagine the silver linings

The way the powdered clouds secured the peak of

This challenge

I relax my neck to take my last look at the ground

My brow furrows at the sight of the gravel at my feet


People have fallen

Each rock and tree holds the secrets of past attempts


I am prepared to fall

My bones are prepared to break

But my mind will never be prepared to give up


I will continue to climb my whole life

Every mountain, big and small

Will carry my passion, tears, and strife

Down to the gravel below so others will know


It is possible to stand securely in the heavens



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