Chains Of Misery

Why am I chained down by my suffering and misery?

Please, can someone set me free?  

Can you send me to my eternal resting place?

To be free from my suffering.

It’s alright, no one will miss me.

I’m all alone.

Won’t you send me to the depth of the underworld?

It’s dead on the inside, I’m just a walking corpse.  


I want to escape this world to the eternal darkness.

Give me a reason to live.

Give me a reason to be happy.

What is the point in smiling if it is a lie?

Why do I need to pretend that everything is going to be okay?

That only causes more pain.


I’m lying not only to myself but to everyone around me by creating a fake facade so I can feel whole again.  

The need to fill that empty void living in my heart is growing more and more as time goes on.

I can feel the chains burning as I’m held by my misery.

The longing to be free, to be able to feel the warmth of the sun hit my face.

I’m stuck…

Stuck between trying to live my life, and trying to run from it.

Why should I stay positive when it feels like my life is falling apart?


These are my chain of misery.

Forever shackling me to this pain.



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