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Cursed by biology
Burdened by my family
Screwed by talk of teenage dreams
With the aid of government funding
I turned to drugstore chemistry
For results that I could read
Lo and behold the test agreed
The truth cut deep, but did not bleed

Sympathetic bureaucrats
Led me through the proper paths
Leaving in my trail a wake of
Crumpled tissue paper carnage
Poor enough to suit their needs
All the bureaucrats agreed
I qualified for quality
Clinic care and surgery

The cells that grow inside
They all multiply, multiply and divide
One plus one make three
Three minus one makes me

The battle of biology
Is decided by chronology
Awaiting my appointment
Every moment was my enemy
Each second like a piece of lead
The ticks and tocks rattled my head
Until the day finally came
My body’d never be the same

Pricked and scanned, too weak to stand
My fate inside rubber gloved hands
I moved against a cold machine
To measure cells inside of me
And their machines could scan and see
And all the doctors did agree
So I took the pills that made me bleed
The truth cut deep but I was freed

The cells all burst and die
Tissue rips apart as blood drips down my thighs
Love plus love makes family
But I had to trim my family tree

Until you lose control of your insides
You can never understand what it feels like
My body is no one's property
So I don't want to hear your policy
And it shouldn't be the job of old white guys
To legislate on what goes on between my thighs
My body is no one's property
So I don't want to hear your policy

And whose to say if it’s okay
To throw a miracle away
Life created by mistake
What love gave medicine takes
And I had no choice but to cry
As the future I’d planned flashed before my eyes
Love plus love makes family
But I had to trim my family tree

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I have no words for this poem. All I can say is that the way you wrote it, you executed it beautifully. The ending, "But I had to trim my family tree," could not be a more suitable end for the poem. It packed a punch. Three stars.


This is incredible


Wow. Just... wow.


chills. absolute chills.

Adara Vidalia

I went back to read this four times just now. I feel like I have so much to say in response to this that I can't say anything--except, well done.


ILove this poem so much! Incredible Job


I can't say anything except what's already been said... ... ...Just beautifully, beautifully done


I'm sorry that this happened to you, but this poem is so tragically beautiful that I can't stop re-reading it. 


This poem. I literally can't stop crying. It's so beautiful but so sad.


Extraordinary. This poem was written so powerfully but seemed so effortless. I am in love.

Garrett Thomas

Fascinating, and utterly real. I wonder if, perchance, I could use this poem in an abortion debate that approaches on September 24th? Of course, I need the proper credits...


Sure, you can use it.  Do you have an email I can contact you at?


This poem touched a part of me Ive buried away for so long. Thank you. 


i had to "trim my family tree" as well so thank you. I too never forget my little girl, but it was necessary for my health reasons. i almost died and as hard as i fought it i had to do it. thank you for this beautiful poem i will remember it forever 10-14-2012

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