Caught On Tape



My stories not one of rape,

It’s a dreadful moment caught on tape.

That night I was going to end it all,

I would be free to fly, in my never ending fall.

Alcohol poisoning, the perfect suicide,

A “happy accident” would be how I died.

I took necessary precautions to make sure I met my deed,

Sat next to the bar and alcoholic to share in her thirsty greed.

And during the night egged on to take my last shot,

I laughed as I fell to peer pressures thought.

Faded to black the night was done,

Finally a peaceful slumber as I assumed Id won.

Yet it seemed I was the butt of a cruel joke,

Because as the early sun rose I awoke.


So laugh when you see it, get as many chucks as you can,

It must be nice to see a failures ridiculous plan.

The vomit and gags,

Make sure to get all of your friends in your Facebook tags.

Show it to everyone you know,

Yet your feeble minds won’t know what that video really shows.

To them I just a girl from an embarrassing scene,

To me its just a video of my suicide attempt at seventeen.


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