dear joy, i.

i wanted a touch of happiness,
in my world of ice,
and my castle of nothing.
a sunshine to scare away all the darkness in my life.
i think i found it in you.
sunshine creates shadows, too,
and i understand that now.
but with you, i have more light in my days
more brightness, and more happiness than i had before.
and yes, we have our shadows. i have those dark days.
but darkness and light coexist.
dear joy,
because of you, i have a light to look for
when i’m trapped in the darkness.
so thank you.

dear simplicity, ii.

i want to hear the stories of everyone in the world. i want to hear your story the most.

open the door, but don't walk out of it.
look up to the sky, but don't take off just yet.
not yet.
tell me that you're okay
tell me that you're okay.
the guilt, it consumes me, crushes me
it tears me apart with every breath
tell me that you're okay
tell me that you're okay.
i’m scared to let you out of my sight
i feel like i’ve failed you
like if i blink, you’ll be gone
am i wrong to hold on?
i’m afraid of what i don't know,
afraid of learning the unknown.
i’m afraid of losing you.
dear simplicity,
show me a world
where i don't have to be afraid.

dear monday, iii.

today’s a cold monday.

i force myself to smile when
there’s no reason to,
an unwanted happy face.
it seems this mask is glued to my face.
i can’t cry no matter how hard i try;
a lack of empathy.
isn’t that weak?
i try to make everyone else happy,
but somewhere on the path to my dream
i stopped trying to make myself happy.
every door i opened slammed closed behind me,
every moment of pride overshadowed by disappointment.
maybe that's why
i trapped myself in this world of ice.
dear monday,
i like it when people laugh at me.
i like it when people smile at me.
but if i don’t change them,
was forcing myself to have
emotions that don’t belong
really worth it?

dear lion, iv.

i’m sorry.

i want to take this mask off,
to show you who i really am.
but then i second guess myself,
and wonder if you would accept
that ugly interior
as beautiful.
i want to be free.
but i know that i can't, anymore.
beggars can't be choosers,
and monsters can't be lovers.
dear lion,
i know i belong here,
but i wish ‘here’ was
a little less lonely.

dear sunrise, v.

things are different, now.

i don't want you to go,
but i know you have to.
this place only dampens your light.
with this mask on my face,
and my heart in your hands,
i'll watch you go,
back to where you belong.
dear joy,
i wish you could stay a bit longer.
dear simplicity,
i wish the same for you.
dear monday,
if only you could give me a rest.
dear lion,
i wish the same for you.
dear sunrise,
my dear sunshine,
i wish that you would take this
mask off of my face.
i wish your light
would melt the case of ice around
my heart
and around my world.
but i understand that today is not that day.
today, i will wish
just like yesterday, and
i will hope for a better tomorrow.

dear joy.

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